Cheap Vegan is a blog meant to help others eat healthy and consciously on a budget. While "vegan" is in the name, it is not solely targeted to vegan-eaters. Cheap Vegan hopes to encourage people to make conscious decisions about their food. Many of the problems in our health and in our environment stem from our problematic food system. The more we learn the better our decisions will be for ourselves and our world.

Cheap Vegan also aims to help find solutions to the assumption that, "I can't afford to eat Vegan." Many people think that because there are expensive vegan products like faux-meat and raw juices, that they can not afford to be vegan. The truth is buying whole fruits, vegetables, and grains is extremely inexpensive and can benefit your health tremendously. 

Cheap Vegan hopes that this blog will help change the way we look at food and help it's readers improve their lives and our world.